Web Development

Custom Wordpress Themes

$625 — What’s included?

  • domain purchase & transfer to a hosting server.
  • 6 months of free hosting (then $7/month)
  • load WordPress and configure settings
  • load thousands of dollars woth of premium plugins
  • in collaboration with you, build and load a custom WordPress Theme
  • 3 hours of personal training on your WordPress website

You will have a fully functioning website for $625.00

$85/hour — Website Maintenance and Future Development

  • I can load all your data, build pages, load archives, etc
  • configure all plugins, widgets, menus, sliders, galleries, SEO
  • connect you with Merchant Account and setup a shopping cart

I can get you up and running within 48 hours or less. If you are a non-profit I might do all of this and more for free.